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Energy Drink Powder
    Processoer and supplier of Energy Drink Powder in the form of Ragi Malt Powder.
  Ragi Malt Powder   MORE DETAILS

Energy Drink : Made of Fine Ragi. Best for all age groups and lowers Cholesterol.

Ingredients: Fine Ragi, Whole Grain, Rice, Whole Wheat, Cardamom Powder, Almond-Pistachios Powder.

To Serve: Mix Milk and Ragi Malt. Add Sugar or Jaggery to taste. Pour into Glasses and Serve Hot.

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No. 609, 1st Floor, 34th A - Cross, Dr. Raj Kumar Road, Rajajinagar, 2nd Block
Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560 010, India
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Energy Drink Powder
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